Basic Stats

Chelan Launches
Elevation:  3,300'
GPS Coordinates:  47º48'20.45"N  120º2'15.77"W

Chelan Landing Zones
Name:  Lone Pine LZ
Elevation:  600'
GPS Coordinates:  47º49'38.41"N  120º3'2.27"W

Name:  Chelan Falls Park
Elevation:  600'
GPS Coordinates:  47º47'53.63"N  119º59'7.98"W

Site Rating:  P2-P4 (depending on the time of day)
Flight Types:  Thermal, XC
Best Season to Fly:  Summer and Fall
Best Time to Fly:  Mid-day thermals in the summer
                  should only be flown by experienced
                  pilots.  Early morning flights can be
                  safely made by P2 pilots and 
                  occasionally early evening flights too,
                  but beware of strong valley winds
                  late in the day.
Weather:  This is a desert flying site.  Strong
               mid-day thermals (up to 1200 ft/min)
               and strong valley winds late in the day
               are not uncommon.  It is hot here, so 
               bring lots of water and if you go XC,
               fly with it.
Hazards:  Dust devils on launch, and valley winds.



                                                 Photos by Chris Amonson

Chelan Landing Zones

Lone Pine, on the north side is the LZ for early morning flights andd offers a quick turn around
(20 minutes).  The junkyard in Chelan just north of the High School is the official site. NO

Any questions, please call Lori at 425-681-2458 or Tom at 425-941-9836



Chelan Butte is perhaps the premier thermal site in Washington and has been the location of several National and International level Paragliding and Hang Gliding competitions.  The current Washington State paragliding record of 120 miles held by Mark Telep was flown from here.  In addition, hang glider pilots regularly fly to Idaho from this site.




Getting to Chelan

 Launch:  Across from the Best Western in Chelan
   (2312 W Woodlin Ave, Chelan, WA  98816)
   take the Chelan Butte Road.  It will turn into
   a dirt road after a couple miles, keep going.
   You'll know you're at the top when the road
   ends and you see the port-a-potties.
   For fire safety reasons, DO NOT park on
   top of the dry grass.  Forest fires are common
   in this area so your vehicle MUST carry
   a shovel and fire extinguisher.
 Lone Pine LZ:  As you are heading up to
   launch, where Chelan Butte Road turns
   from pavement to dirt, Line Pine LZ is
   just off to the left (north).  It is a
   long grassy field with a tall pine tree at
   one end.  DO NOT drive out there even
   though there is a nice dirt road or you
   will jeopardize continued use of the LZ.

 Chelan Falls Park:  From Wenatchee -
   On the east side of the river, over Odabastion
   Bridge, take Hwy 97 (north/east).  Keep going
   about 30 mins., the road will turn left and
   cross over Bebee Bridge and the Columbia River.
   On the othe side, take the left towards Chelan
   on Hwy 150.  Take the next left at Chelan Falls
   Road.  Continue on over a bridge to the second
   left.  Turn left on A Street, cross the railroad
   tracks and turn right, then turn left into the
   parking area.  The park is the only thing down
   there next to the river and is hard to miss.

 Chelan Falls Park:  From Launch -
   At the bottom of Chelan Butte Road, take a
   right towards Chelan.  The road curves north
   across a bridge and comes to a light. 
   Turn right.  Follow the road as it veers right
   at Les Schwab to Hwy 150.  At the bottom
   of the hill turn right at the sign for Chelan
   Falls Park.  Continue on over a bridge to the
   second left.  Turn left on A Street, cross the
   railroad tracks and turn right, then left into
   the parking area.

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