Tiger Mountain

General Information

  • Site Rating: P2+ or P1 under direct instructor supervision, H3, M2
  • Use Parameters: Wind not exceeding 12 MPH for PG and Mini Wings, 15 MPH for HG.  Wind direction N, NW, W, SW, S
  • Site Support: Site is paid for, managed and maintained by the Northwest Paragliding Club. Washington State DNR (Department of Natural Resources) expects that all pilots flying Tiger are NWPC members.  Visiting Pilot Memberships are available.
  • USHPA Membership required for all pilots flying Tiger Mountain
  • Best months to fly: April - August, but flyable all year.
  • Best times to fly: Given an 8:30 PM sunset, thermals are best from 1-4pm. Glass offs often run from 5 to 8:30 pm.
  • Pilots can hike up or use community shuttles.  There is no public drive-up access to the site.
  • Use extreme caution when East winds are present or possible.
  • Radio Frequency: 158.400.
  • School Channels (informational - stay off): 151.625 (Seattle PG), 151.505 (NW PG School)
• Ideal launching conditions at Tiger are in winds not exceeding 12-15mph with recommend top winds of 12mph.
• Launching in East winds is not recommended due to the LZ and most of the mountain being in the lee.
• The LZ can be very active in mid summer. Fly actively until landed.
• West winds can cause issues in the landing zone where the wind can switch between North and South due to the presence of Squak Mtn opposite Tiger Mtn.
• The valley between Squak Mtn and Tiger Mtn acts as a venturi in stronger winds.
• Student Pilots generally are recognized by streamers attached to their wings. Give them space.
• Mini wings and hang gliders sometimes fly at Tiger! The characteristics of each wing are different, and pilots should be aware of their needs.  Hang-gliders need to take a straight-in approach to land, so wings doing S turns on approach is difficult for them.  Mini-wings need a low, tight turn on approach.
North Launch
  • Elevation: 1,830'.  GPS Coordinates: 47°29'58"N 122°0'30"W
  • North Launch Weather Station Updated Every 5min. Click Here
  • LZ Weather Station Updated Every 1min. Click Here
  • Glide ratio to LZ : 2:1
  • Wind Direction: Ideal N through NW. West through NNE OK
  • Wind Strength: Min: 0, Ideal: 7, Max: 12 MPH (Max 15 MPH for HG)